Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stargazer 8

Hisham to look into slapping case.

The education ministry will investigate the slapping case of 22 primary pupils for failing to turn in their homework.

Nostalgically it went back to year 1959. I was in Special Malay 2 at Iskandar Primary School at Alor Star. During history class a guy, can’t remember who it was, did something that upset the teacher. He asked who the culprit was. The whole class remains dumb founded. He suspected eight of us and called to line up in front of the class. Started with me as the shortest and ascending to the right. The teacher slapped my face and asked me to slap the person on my right as hard as possible. I slapped him, but being my buddy I do not want to hurt him. The teacher angrily slapped me the second time because I did not follow his instruction. That ritual, slapping your friend on your right went on till the end and yet we do not know who the culprit was. We hated and respected the teacher, but one thing though it really disciplined us.

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