Sunday, June 3, 2007

Stargazer 5

Nutty remedy for ED

Royce Cheah reported that walnuts could be just the remedy for erectile dysfunction. One of the researchers, UM Faculty of Medicine Physiology Department lecturer Prof Dr Kim Kah Hwi said that its efficacy is comparable to Viagra. Furthermore, because it is not a drug, it is safe for those with hypertension or diabetes, or (those) who have recently had heart bypasses.

I’m eagerly looking forward for this product to be on the market. Every time I went for my regular check up, the physician always shyly declined whenever I request for Viagra. Melayu, like me “pantang kata benda tu tak kuat”, other things lemah ok!

However I ‘tabik’ Datuk Md.Daud Kilau for admitting his weaknesses in the media.

We all want better, safe highways

Star reiterated that Malaysian highways continue to grow in number, length and breadth to accommodate the constantly increasing volume of traffic. Beside, proper lightings and extra lanes for motorcycles need also be planned.

If you travel on the periphery highways around Kuala Lumpur ( e.g. fro Batu Caves to Bukit Jalil on MRR2) you would encounter massive traffic jam near several exits. Whenever I get caught I always ‘naik darah’ and blame on the road planner. I always thought those planners ‘mengaji tak habis one’. Bottle neck occurs because down the exit there is either a traffic light or a round about, which only let a few vehicles to pass through. Appalling situation exist at Pandan Indah junctions, aiyoo! That one paling teruk. One more under construction is Sri Gombak and Greenwood exit, we will patiently wait.

So you flers plan and rectify those problems until it remain relevant for at least 50 years to come.

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