Thursday, May 17, 2007


This whole week we spent at KKIA Benta, Pahang (i.e Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak), visiting our grand daughter Azalea Khairin. As practiced the mother is still on leave for 44 days.

Facing the office entrance this morning I went through the Tafsir Ibn Kathir (which I downloaded from the internet). As early as 7:15 am a couple of nurses came by, punched in their cards and went out again for their breakfast outside, as there is no canteen available in the vicinity of their office. Reminding me of Trengganu State Government recently is quite concerned with their k/tangan kerajaan enjoying breakfast outside their office premises.
At 7:30 am more cars coming in, this time bringing customers and patients by cars and taxis. Clinic starts only at 8:30 am. Just imagine those fellows have to wait at least 1 hour before they are attended to.

However they will be let down this week because the clinic are attended by only 2 doctors, my daughter in law is already on leave and the other one took 1 week leave to do locum at the same town. What an absurd thing to do, technically there is nothing wrong with his action, but ethically doing locum at the same town is not a wise moved.
It remind me of the 60’s, my mother used to bring me to the clinic to see the Dispenser whom I thought was the doctor. He did a good job attending to my needs and also fooling me to be my doctor.

So Kementerian Kesihatan please take note, such practices should not be allowed in future especially in small towns. I'm referring to locum.

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