Saturday, May 5, 2007

58 The Upper Limit

Our PSD director general could not make up his mind as to retirement age limit. If I’m the Government, I would surely shoot down that proposal.

Supporting staffs, B and downward category, would reach their maximum at the of 50. Until then they will sit, marking their time until the next salary revision comes. If not they will sit on their asses;

1. masuk lewat (member tolong punch in),

2. early coffee break,

3. shove the works to the junior members,

4. excuses to do OT,

5. Involve in politic ( kalau kalau bolih jadi wakil rakyat),

6. Tidur masa kerja sebab bangun awal sembahyang tahajud.

Retirement at 56 is perfect for them.

Category A, there is no ceiling for them, they will hang on until JUSA A or B. In the mean time they’ll do a lot of bodeking, play golf with bosses, entourage with politicians overseas. What else do they do, kerja, gorka dah buat. Tunggu saja retirement with a little bit of luck can get cheap Mercedes recently bought ( baru pakai sebulan ). Now this kind of people you nak bagi dia kerja lama lama. Lebih baik retire cepat, sempat juga pergi masjid buat amal ibadat yang tercicir masa 30 tahun lepas.

The best retirement age for them is at 58, no more.

The big bosses their extension are by contract basis depending on which horses they bet. If I’m the PM, I would not extent their services any more, banyak orang bawah bolih buat kerja.

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