Thursday, May 31, 2007

Masa Untuk Tun Dr.M Bersara Dari Politik


Stargazer 4

This morning while enjoying lontong for breakfast, I flip through Star Biz. Usually I do not read this section because it breaks my heart seeing people making tons of money, while I depend on pension.

RM530mil in doubt’ reads the headline and below it ‘Transmile revenue may have been overstated, special audit finds’. It caught my curiosity and proceeds reading it.

Transmile Group Bhd’s revenues for the financial years ended Dec 31,2005 and 2006 may have been overstated by a total RM530mil, according to preliminary findings of a special audit on the group’s annual audited account. The company is partly owned by Malaysia’s richest man – Tan Sri Robert Kuok.

Page B4 then read: ‘Punish those who manipulate accounts’, well commented B.K.Sidhu.

As Prophet s.a.w had said if God give a mountain of gold to a man, he always want more.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

MB Disagree To Pensioners Increment

Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said that: ‘it is also heartening to note that pensioners have also received similar increases’.

If I understand it correctly, he did’nt agree with pensioner getting the increment!! The reason, state have no money to pay for the extra budget. I wonder why the Federal Government did’nt consult him.

MP's & IQ's

I remember many years ago, my wife insisted me to attend the Parent & Teachers Association Annual General Meeting where my son & daughter were schooling.

It was my first glimpsed of the teachers and parents. We were handed the annual report at the start of the meeting . Then I came across some anomaly in the expenditure statement, sure enough during the meeting I brought the matter up to the embarrassment of the committee. You know what, because of that I was penalized by being elected the chairman for the next calendar year. The parent sitting next to me told me to shut up and just listen if you do not want to be burdened. I voted him into the committee.

I wanted to relate that incidence to the system in which Malaysian, especially the Malays, traditionally adopt in choosing their leaders. Majority thought that a person who ask many questions and talk too much is the brainy ones. Some, of course use similar tactics to be elected. In UMNO, at least at the grassroots level, usually they resort to such strategies. Nowadays they strengthen it by ‘icing on the cake’ for those who can afford. Those who become leaders are not necessarily the brainy ones.

This is what happen to some of our MP's, they utter things that will make them popular and remembered by others. The case in point are the MP’s for BN – Kinabatangan and BN-Jasin. Initially they meant it to be a joke, just for a laugh. Somehow it was blown out of proportion, media pick it up and it becomes an issue. Whereas Permatang Berangan and Sungai Dua assemblymen said some things that make sense but then they have no evident to support their statement.

Usually PM don’t want MP’s to be smart either. Look what happen to Saudara Anwar Ibrahim. Our current PM is smart, pretended to be ‘I know not’, now he becomes PM he forgot that he knows a lot. He don’t mind having dumb MP’s around and purposely let Khairi becomes his commando to his advantages. That’s politic, smart asses like us can just observe them taking the big chunks of cakes from us. It pays to be dumb in politic.

With regard to women wearing tudung, I would like to give my opinion about it.

I am sure Mr Wong Chun Wai if you have a teenage daughter asking your permission for outing with friends, the first thing that concerned you is her dresses. Even if no comment is made, deep in your heart you wish she would be decently dressed. Why? You do not want her to attract too much attention from her boyfriends.

Thus dressing is one of the factor contributing to the unwanted incidences happening to women. You don’t have to be sarcastic to PAS Government, I’m a staunch UMNO member, we obey our Islamic prohibitions.

To Tan Cheng Liang (BN-Jawi) I would like to quote what God had said:

O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their jalabib over their bodies. That will be better that they should be known so as not to be annoyed.

Jalabib is the attire worn by the Arab women, similar objective for wearing tudung. God referred all women, and if some disobeyed, it will jeopardized the safety of the women in general. In other word God said women are responsible for the safety of all women and therefore they should protect their aurat. If there are women with sexy looking dresses around in the public, they are a thread to other women, because they had aroused the animal instinct of men who can’t control their desires. The benefit and objective of tudung and covering the aurat would then be futile.

Prophet Mohamad s.a.w clearly mentioned that women are men main desires beside children and wealth.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Stargazer 3

Palm oil is an oil given by God

Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said that PM likes to remind people that palm oil is an oil given by God. I think what he meant is among all things that exist on this world.

Temasek in anti – monopoly investigation

Syamsul Maarif a commissioner with the Business Competition Supervisory Commission said: We will impose legal sanctions in the form of fines or a cease operation order if we find evidence of monopoly practices by Temasek.

‘Siapa dibalik Tabir?’ by Ketua Perusuh made an account to the possibility of Ananda handing over Maxis Communication Berhad to Temasek Group. God forbid!! I hope our Ministers & Government don’t close one eye and don’t sleep too much on it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stargazer 2

Nalla to quit PKR

I got pissed off at Nalla’s attitude. Come on brother you just joined the party not even a year, you want to be a vice president. That really reflect your reason to be in the party. Why don’t you try with Dato’ Samy? Look at me, being in UMNO for the last 30 years and I’m still a gorkha. Be patient!!!

Call for higher productivity to match rise

Sin Chew Daily said the government is forking out RM 8 bil more annually for the pay increase. The money comes from taxpayers.

As if we civil service don’t pay tax. In fact our taxable income no chance to sembunyi one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Stargazers - Tuesday 22 May 2007

Man cheated by pretending to be Muhaiddin.

This is unique, how in the hell the fllas can con Mr. Loo Gee Tat to contribute to tabung bangunan Mahad Tahfiz. I’m really puzzled. Mr Loo, it pays to recognise our Ministers.

Japanese classes for boatmen

This is absurd, let them learn our language? You will be suprised to see them master Bahasa Malaysia if they find it necessary. Baru bolih jadi bahasa global bukan glocal.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Utusan Malaysia - Tangtu Tangni

Pesara ATM perlu ceburi kerjaya baru

Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak mahukan pesara ATM yang masih segar bugar melanjutkan pelajaran mempelajari kerjaya baru jangan ashik jadi jaga sahaja. Kebanyakan ATM bersara diusia masih muda, sebab kalau tak silap saya syarat persaraan ATM ialah mengikut years of service..

Sebut pasal melanjutkan pelajaran, teringat diri sendiri. Masa itu saya dah ada 3 orang anak. Bila kenangkan suasana saya pernah mengeluh, ‘kalaulah dapat dipusingkan masa kembali, tobat tak mau sambung pelajaran’. Bila dah beranak pinak halangannya berganda. Otak pun dah berkarat, mana lagi nak jaga anak bini. Masa nak belajar terhad ialah kena juga luangkan masa untuk mereka. Bila ada ujian/pepereksaan berpeluh jadinya. Suruh orang buat memang senang cuba sendiri buat.

Keretakan Jalan SMART perkara biasa

Saya rasa kurang yakin dengan jawapan yang diberikan olih Datuk Ir. Kheizul Abdullah.

Kalau diluar tu tak kisah sangat, ini dalam terowong, tak bolih imagine kalau jadi apa apa. Nak buktikan sungai dah tak tercemar bolihlah dibawa berenang.

Kerajaan Cadang Wujudkan Hari Seniman

Dato’ Rais Yatim nak cadang kepada kerajaan supaya wujudkan hari seniman . Berapa punya banyak hari ha di Malaysia, Hari Pemandu tak nak buat ke? Kami pun tolong membangun Malaysia. Nak di iktiraf semua yang tolong dalam pembangunan memang sukar, memadailah dengan Hari Pekerja, seniman pun sama dianggap sebagai pekerja. Bukan pasal apa, bila dah ada hari khusus nanti banyak pula sambutan yang melalaikan tiap tiap tahun.

Sunday Star - Here & There

Govt has no choice but to fix roof immediately, says Najib

Najib is’nt sure whether to charge the Government or the Parliment for the maintainants.

Just use the Parliment’s budget, not enough ask from the Government. Its simple as ABC, why make a fuss.

Ninety and going strong

Thanks Mr Lim Kin Tuck for the tips given for life longitivity. However we Muslims not only we do’a from Allah to live longer, but also meaningful life. The longer you stay the more rigorous you should obey and prey to Allah. Or else its meaningless.

At the same time WHO reported that a boy in the mountainous enclave of San Marino in north – east of Italy will likely live to 80. Mr Lim had already proven Malaysian bolih.WHO agrees with Lim that diet is often given as a major factor in life expectancy.

Prosper thy neighbor

Lets imagine ( Niamah!! fond of doing ) by looking at the picture of AAB & LHL choosing the durians. AAB picking bigger funny looking durian, while LHL taking a well rounded & cute looking one. Look at their faces, LHL is saying ‘this is good lets open it up’ but AAB think otherwise, ‘ yang ni berulat ke tak?’. Niamah!!

Recognise and reward contributions by nurses

Nurses are getting fed up. A lot of perks are given to chegus, what about nurses. You think we are not important ah? Why not give to RM to Dana Yayasan Jururawat also? Haiyo, not fair la.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Naik Gaji

Alahai!! cukup membingungkan, mungkin En.Jalal Ali Ab Rahim buat laporan yang tak lengkap atau memang Tan Sri NMY beri jawapan yang tidak menyeluruh dalam sidang Dewan Negara semalam, mengenai kenaikan gaji k/tangan kerajaan. Saya ingat sesiapa yang membacanya tentu rasa kurang senang.

Pertama, bajet 2008 beri keistimewaan kepada k/tangan kerajaan yang sudah cukup selesa dengan kehidupan harian mereka. Usaha pula dirangka untuk mengekang kenaikan harga barangan runcit akibat kenaikan gaji, bagaimana nak dilakukan kurang pasti. Cakap memang senang tapi untuk memperaktikannya hingga sekarang Dato’Menteri Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri & Hal Ehwal Pengguna (KPDN) masih pening. Tak percaya pergilah check kedai kedai runcit di taman taman kediaman. Kita ketahui barangan yang dijual sudah di up sehingga 20% tapi apa nak kata, bolih bersungut sajalah, beli tetap beli.

Tengoklah sekarang ini baru sebut nak naik gaji, benda lain yang dulu naik, termasuklah nafsu, barangan runcit, dan tekanan darah. Kata orang yang tak naik cuma hujan. Dalam Parlimen semalam pun ahli ahlinya sebut bahawa KPDN ashik buat publisiti sahaja tapi on the ground nobody give a damn. So how ah??
K/tangan kerajaan bolih naik nafsu, tapi depa yang bawa teksi, jual nasi lemak, jual pisang goreng teruk naik darah kena belasah dengan pelanggan.

Kedua, mungkin for a start KPDN bolih kenalpasti barangan yang bertin dan berbungkus. Labelkan harga di tin dan bungkusan di peringkat kilang lagi, mana mana penjual dan peruncit yang tak mematuhi harga yang tertera, ambil tindakan. Ini tidak, ikut suka dia nak bubuh harga yang dia suka. Sama ada penjual nak untung lebih, let them deal dengan pengilang atau pemborong. Of cause lah barangan yang harganya macam yoyo tu kita fikirlah cara yang lain.
KPDN juga hendaklah tingkatkan pemantauan ke peringkat daerah seperti KEMAS atau FAMA, semoga mereka sentiasa sensitif dengan keadaan semasa bukan hanya tiba musim musim tertentu.

Cuti Bersalin

K/tangan wanita pula buat cadangan tambah cuti sampai 84 hari ada perbahasan dengan isu ini. Kerajaan belum lagi buat apa apa keputusan. Jika lulus bayangkan saorang guru wanita yang bersalin;

1. cuti bersalin 84
2. cuti penggal 77
3. cuti awam 40
Jumlah 201

mereka hanya bekerja 164 hari setahun. Considered the most highly paid profession per hour basis. Kalau guru guru ini mengajar anak anak kita yang sedang memasuki pepereksaan, pening juga kepala guru besarnya dan kepala mak bapa.

Semalam PM buat anouncement sempena hari guru, akan ditambah dana RM 300 juta untuk yayasan bantu guru guru. I ingat kita pampered them too much, atau pun ini satu petanda PRU is around the corner.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


This whole week we spent at KKIA Benta, Pahang (i.e Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak), visiting our grand daughter Azalea Khairin. As practiced the mother is still on leave for 44 days.

Facing the office entrance this morning I went through the Tafsir Ibn Kathir (which I downloaded from the internet). As early as 7:15 am a couple of nurses came by, punched in their cards and went out again for their breakfast outside, as there is no canteen available in the vicinity of their office. Reminding me of Trengganu State Government recently is quite concerned with their k/tangan kerajaan enjoying breakfast outside their office premises.
At 7:30 am more cars coming in, this time bringing customers and patients by cars and taxis. Clinic starts only at 8:30 am. Just imagine those fellows have to wait at least 1 hour before they are attended to.

However they will be let down this week because the clinic are attended by only 2 doctors, my daughter in law is already on leave and the other one took 1 week leave to do locum at the same town. What an absurd thing to do, technically there is nothing wrong with his action, but ethically doing locum at the same town is not a wise moved.
It remind me of the 60’s, my mother used to bring me to the clinic to see the Dispenser whom I thought was the doctor. He did a good job attending to my needs and also fooling me to be my doctor.

So Kementerian Kesihatan please take note, such practices should not be allowed in future especially in small towns. I'm referring to locum.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sekatan Polis Dijalan Raya

Jika memandu ke Kuala Lipis dari Kuala Lumpur, anda akan melalui bandar Bentong, Raub, dan Kuala Lipis kesemuanya dibawah jajahan Negeri Pahang Darul Makmur. Sebelum masuk ke bandar tersebut anda akan melalui pemereksaan sekatan Polis. Anehnya sekatan ini menjadi rutin, tiap tiap hari siang dan malam. Maka teringatlah saya pada zaman tahun 50 an di Kedah, dimana aruah ayah dan saya berulang alik dari Alor Star ke pekan pekan sebelah selatan Alor Star seperti Simpang Empat Kangkong. Kota Sarang Semut, Pendang, dan Guar Cempedak. Pekerjaan ayah ialah berniaga di pekan sehari.

Saya imbas kembali suasana untuk menceritakan perihal sekatan jalan olih Polis. Tempat sekatan tak tetap macam di Negeri Pahang. Olih kerana di zaman tersebut tak banyak kenderaan di jalan raya dan JPJ pun belum wujud, fungsi sekatan lazimnya memereksa kenderaan supaya patuhi undang undang jalan raya, seperti lesen memandu, cukai jalan dan permit muatan barangan. Aruah ayah selalu dimarahi polis kerana tak ada permit muatan barangan, tapi dilepaskan satelah ada rundingan. Sekarang semuanya itu adalah dalam kenangan, kerana Kedah telah maju dan pihak Polis telah menumpukan pada perkara perkara untuk mengawal jenayah. Hal hal jalan raya adalah dalam bidang kuasa JPJ.

Agaknya polis di Bentong, Raub dan K/Lipis juga mengawal jenayah melalui sekatan jalan raya. Cuma pandangan saya dengan zaman IT yang serba canggih ini usaha sedemikian mungkin kurang berkesan, kecuali penjenayah yang tak berwawasan sahaja yang akan terperangkap.

Lebih baik alihkan man-power Polis ke arah yang lebih mencabar. Tak la Polis yang dipacakkan di sekatan jalan raya merasa bosan tiap tiap hari.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

58 The Upper Limit

Our PSD director general could not make up his mind as to retirement age limit. If I’m the Government, I would surely shoot down that proposal.

Supporting staffs, B and downward category, would reach their maximum at the of 50. Until then they will sit, marking their time until the next salary revision comes. If not they will sit on their asses;

1. masuk lewat (member tolong punch in),

2. early coffee break,

3. shove the works to the junior members,

4. excuses to do OT,

5. Involve in politic ( kalau kalau bolih jadi wakil rakyat),

6. Tidur masa kerja sebab bangun awal sembahyang tahajud.

Retirement at 56 is perfect for them.

Category A, there is no ceiling for them, they will hang on until JUSA A or B. In the mean time they’ll do a lot of bodeking, play golf with bosses, entourage with politicians overseas. What else do they do, kerja, gorka dah buat. Tunggu saja retirement with a little bit of luck can get cheap Mercedes recently bought ( baru pakai sebulan ). Now this kind of people you nak bagi dia kerja lama lama. Lebih baik retire cepat, sempat juga pergi masjid buat amal ibadat yang tercicir masa 30 tahun lepas.

The best retirement age for them is at 58, no more.

The big bosses their extension are by contract basis depending on which horses they bet. If I’m the PM, I would not extent their services any more, banyak orang bawah bolih buat kerja.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dari Kuala Lipis Ke Kuala Lumpur

Dua minggu lepas saya temani anak balik ke Benta Pahang kerana bercadang nak buat medical check up di hospital Kuala Lipis. Regular check up di hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) tetapi memandangkan jadual pemereksaan bulan Jun ini dan lagi pula rasa kesihatan kurang selesa, maka saya pun kesana.Walaupun kemudahannya terhad, memadailah dengan tujuan, buat blood test, x-ray dada, urine dan ECG test. Lagi pun hospital tidak sesibuk HKL, dengan suasananya agak tenang dan tersusun. The whole Lipis town are looked after by only 8 doctors. Kalau ada case yang Lipis tak bolih handle pesakit akan dirujuk ke Temerloh atau Kuantan atau ke HKL.

Alhamdulillah keputusan pepereksaan tidak menunjukkan sebarang masalah.

Saya pulang keesokan hari dengan bas ekspres Transnasional, tambang hanya RM 11.20 ke KL dan bertolak jam 12:00 tengah hari. Penumpang tak ramai,ada 8 orang sahaja. Kerana tempat duduk no.2B dapatlah saya lihat gelagat pemandu bas tersebut dengan lebih dekat. Sebelum bertolak pemandu telah membeli 2 bungkus kuaci yang beliau kupas dan kunyah sambil memandu disepanjang perjalanan. Saya kira beliau berbuat demikian untuk menghilangkan rasa bosan dan mengantuk agaknya.

Tengah hari jalan tak berapa sibuk, sesekali terserempak dengan kereta kereta lama yang menganggu momentum pemandu bas. Sempat juga beliau melepaskan geram dan leteran. Agaknya inilah salah satu sebab mengapa kereta yang melebihi 15 tahun dicadang lupuskan.

Walau bagaimanapun bila bas melepasi persimpangan ke Jeruas dan persimpangan dekat pekan Dong banyak juga kelihatan kereta kereta lama di pekan pekan tersebut. Kemungkinan digunakan untuk keluar dari kampung perdalaman ke persimpangan jalan raya. Kalaulah cadangan kerajaan melupuskan kereta yang berusia lebih 15 tahun dikuatkuasakan, maka susahlah penduduk penduduk perdalaman nak keluar ke pekan besar.

Kerajaan hendaklah pertimbangkan rationale pelupusan kereta kereta tersebut. Mungkin mewajibkan pemereksaan kereta sebelum membaharui cukai jalan. Ini dapat menentukan kereta dalam keadaan yang baik dipandu, sama taraf dengan kereta baru.