Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stargazer 11

Call to replace common law ‘baseless’

I do not know much about law therefore wouldn’t care less, English law or Malaysian law. Does it make any different ?

If the change serve us better then why wait that long to decide. But from Star news the Bar Councils do not agree. I think somebody has to elaborate on this issue before I can take side.

JPJ launches ops bersih.

Better late than never. But please take note Hari Raya is coming soon if you guys over react, the public might face difficulty later during ‘balik kampung’ festival. Then you’ll cry high and low for buses and drivers. The cycle start all over again. The problem should be solved amicably rather than strait to the butt.

Give priority to bahasa next month says Noh.

I’ve heard this before but being in a new portfolio it is not surprising. Start with next month, then the next, and the next.

But you have to stay foot; if next minister comes he’ll change again, back to the square one.

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