Thursday, September 17, 2009


Khir Toyo receives death threat letter

Khir Toyo SHAH ALAM, 17 Sept 2009: Selangor opposition leader Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo lodged a report at the Shah Alam district police headquarters today on an anonymous death threat letter he had received.

He said he came across the two-page letter, handwritten in Bahasa Malaysia, when going through his mail at his office in Glenmarie near here at 10am.

Speaking to reporters outside the police station in Section 11 here, he said based on the postage on the envelope, the letter was mailed on 15 Sept from Bukit Raja, Klang.

Khir Toyo said the letter had been sent to his constituency office in Sungai Panjang, and that his aide had brought it to him together with Aidilfitri greeting cards and other mail sent to the Glenmarie office.

"The letter simply stated that if I did not stop, I would be shot or hit with a poison dart. This has got me worried, and that is why I am making this police report," he said.

He added that he had lately been receiving numerous threats via phone and SMS but had not paid much attention to them.

"It appears that accusations that I am trying to topple the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government in Selangor has reached a very serious level. The writer wrote that he could take me out at anytime, whether in Sungai Panjang, Sungai Besar, Sungai Dorani or Shah Alam," Khir Toyo said.

He said that he seemd to be the only target, and would be taking extra precautions in his movements.

Asked if he had any idea who might be behind the letter, Khir Toyo said it was probably a PR supporter, but it was best to leave it to the police to get to the bottom of the case. — Bernama56

Beginilah jadinya bila rakyat dah bosan dengan sistem yang tidak telus dan zalim.

MACC, PDRM, dan judiciary turut memihak kepada pemerintah yang ada sekarang, maka jalan alternatif pihak desperado ialah mengambil ‘law into their own hands’.

Sekarang ramai rakyat dah berpandangan demikian.

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