Thursday, November 6, 2008

Abdullah: ‘Anyone can be the PM’

Thursday November 6, 2008

Abdullah: ‘Anyone can be the PM’

PUTRAJAYA: It is possible for anyone from a minority group to be a nation’s leader, even in Malaysia, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi.

“It is up to the people to decide, just as the Americans had done through the democratic process,” he said while extending his congratulations to Senator Barack Obama.

Reporters had asked him in the Parliament lobby yesterday if it were possible for a person from a minority group to become Prime Minister in Malaysia.

I don’t believe what I’ve heard the outgoing PM had said. Of course for that to happen we had first to amend the federal and state constitutions and remove umno from the government administration.

A fortnight ago just to appoint a GM for PKNS there’s a loud cry especially from umnoputras. AAB dare say just because he is going off. Umnoputra had to grow up and transform for that to happen.

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