Sunday, October 5, 2008


'Nasi Ganja' a hit at Ipoh restaurant

Those craving for red chicken mixed rice, popularly known as ’nasi ganja’, can now have the meal in a better ambience at a newly-opened restaurant in the Greentown Business Centre here. The menu is a hit at the Nasi Vangge restaurant which until recently, was operating as ’Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah’ stall at Yong Suan Coffee Shop in Jalan Yang Kalsom.

Restoran Nasi Vangge Sdn Bhd managing director Saiful Sidik Abdullah said the new, 24-hour restaurant served over 200 dishes and could accommodate 250 people.

Besides serving its traditional menus of red chicken or the Madras chicken and tandoori, the restaurant which started business in 1956, also offers Thai and western cuisines, and soups.

Saiful said the Madras chicken recipe, which originated from Chennai, Madras, took eight hours to prepare.

I still remember in the 60’s Alor Star also had ‘nasi ganja’. Those are really ‘ganja’. Every night together with my gang we would cycled to A/S, near old market to have the nasi, without missed. That is the reason we nicknamed ‘nasi ganja’, tak kena tak bolih duduk. Each sitting we can tambah berpinggan pinggan.

Rumors said, that mamak really use ganja cooked together with rice. If not mistaken the mamak was caught right handed but his nasi is still popular with A/S residence especially those old timers.

My family whenever we ‘balik kampung’ that nasi are among our main menu besides mee Abu.

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