Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grow-Up Warga ITM.

Intresting to note the issue of Khalid’s proposal was only highlighted in Utusan & Berita, Star doesn’t seem excited about it.

I was hauled from Alor Mengkudu, Alor Star to ITM at Jalan Othman Petaling Jaya in 1967/68 intake. First time acquainted with name like Osu Sukam, Alfred Jabu, and John Masing really open up my perspectives.

Nowadays witness how the bumiputra students behaved just hearing Khalid’s proposal merely opening 10% entrance to non-bumi and foreigners. To make matter worst I am ashamed at their narrow-minded v/c. Knowing very well that Khalid has no authority whatsoever to change the policy. Why make a fuss about it.

Looks like V/Chancellor has fallen into umno political trap and observed how the msm spin the issue. This will give ample ammo for umno in the by-election.

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