Sunday, March 16, 2008

Who Stole The Kris......?

MALACCA: Fourteen items, estimated to be worth millions of ringgit, were stolen from the Historic and Ethnography Museum between Friday night and early yesterday.

Priceless weapons from the Malay sultanate and Portuguese era were removed from several glass display cases.

They include eight kris from the Malay sultanate era, three other kris and three pistols from the Portuguese era.

I know where the kris are!!!!

Pemuda Umno having difficulty distributing enough to Penang, Perlis and Perak decided to borrow some from Dato Ali Rustam . Malaccan sultanate kris were known for their ‘keramat’, you don’t have to handle it, it will find its own target.

Luckily no misshape happening around Komtar or else a number of mamak tongkang will be sent back to their original homeland.

I’m wondering whether they took along ‘Taming Sari’. Only with the help of Taming Sari Hang Tuah was able to silent Hang Jebat. It must be with Hishammudin.

Shahidah then lodged a police report, she said.

Do not worry Shahidah they’ll return when Bendahara Perlis and Bendahara Trengganu are settled amicably.

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