Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pak Lah Had To Go Or Not?

I’m really confuse, being a BR voter whether to go along with Mukriz or not. I had to wait for DSAI to comments.

For now let me share with you what I think ( of cause kedai kopi talks ).

If AAB relinquish his PM post then who will be appointed the next PM? I’m worried shit to mention his name. But then if he becomes the next PM that would provide a lot of ammo. for BR to shoot BN down and by the year end BR can take over the government. We don’t have to wait for PRU 13.

Now if AAB stay by middle of the year Umno will probably bring Tengku Razaleigh in to strengthen Umno and BN. The political scenario change and BR may have some difficulty.

Najib cannot make up his mind whether to go along with Mukriz, because under present circumstances to be the PM, BR will really gayang him. So I think Najib will wait for Tengku Razaleigh to be the PM first and himself still no.2.

But then when will he be no.1??

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