Friday, March 21, 2008

Najib - Downed In Scorpene Submarine.

Have anybody heard Najib lately? He must be in a tremendous pressure, all around left, right, top and bottom.

Firstly a number of his allies were not in the forefront with him. Daylight comes when Mukriz suggested Pak Lah to relinquish his post. Most Umno members hesitated to take the bait.

Najib cannot be shown to take side with Mukriz or else Pak Lah will lashed him with Altantuya’s tragedy.

Then Ku Li came to the fiasco, it gives a shiver to Najib. What if Umno members took up the momentum?

Historically Ku Li could become PM in 1987 if it were not for Najib’s division shift to Mahathir. Najib is worried, if the prince comes out the winner, wills the prince choose him to be his running mate?

Either ways PM post is too near and yet too far.

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