Thursday, August 23, 2007

Filthy & Smelly Jalan Gombak

Every morning it is a routine sending my daughter and son to Taman Melati LRT terminal. It is more convenient taking LRT to work, further more their offices are only a short distant to the terminals. It works perfectly for them. Of cause not for me, even though a pensioner I also have to go through the morning routine preparing to beat the traffic jam which has becoming bad to worst everyday. Coming out from Taman Melewar to Jalan Gombak is really pain in the neck. I wish those fellows will seriously look into the matter since PRU is round the corner.

Anyway what bother me this morning is witnessing all the garbage being piled up on the foot path along Jalan Gombak. Quite an eye sore and lose your breakfast appetite.

While snapping some pictures one car stops to unload whatever leftovers from their home onto the pile.

A minute later cat and chicken rushed over for their morning breakfast. As a result the debris are thrown all over the places.

The question is why don’t the Alam Flora guys place the steel containers like before where garbage can neatly be disposed off? It cost money but that will reflect our 1st world mentality.

Some positive thinking guys device some method to avoid being mess up by cat, dogs, chicken, and Bangla.

And some cannot tahan any more simply burnt them off creating another pollution problem.

I hope Parliament (if need be) can imposed on Alam Flora to provide the facilities ( a dumpster ) at strategic places for the convenience of the publics.

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