Monday, June 11, 2007

Let Calvin Drives You Home

Most of the time whenever on the road, driving, I fantasized to be Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes by a cartoonist Bill Watterson ). Being him you pretend to be a Superman and teach a lesson to those villains on the road.

A case in point, last evening under heavy rains, I drove through a narrow lane near my house. Followed a Waja and a couple more cars behind me. As we were half way through, a red Proton (old model) driven by an Indian lady approached. I saw a gentleman in front signaling a headlight requesting her to reverse and let us pass through first. She refused to bulge. We waited a few minutes and still no action taken by her. The guy loses his patient, came out and approaches the car in front, all wet. I watched from inside my car and saw the lady locked all her doors. Suddenly he picked up a brick and wanted to smash the wind screen, luckily, just in time a motorcyclist from her direction managed to coax her to reverse the car and let us passed by. This is where Calvin comes in. A Superman could have zapped that car backward in seconds avoiding all the commotions. I could’t find any good reason for her stubbornness.

Usually when the street is narrow, what would you do if there’s one smart Alex parked his car, went down and ‘minum kopi’?
I think Calvin would turn into a bulldozer and let that Alex shouts his heart out.

I’m sure you make a few mistakes here and there, no major catastrophe. Sometimes you forgot your signal when changing lanes. One hard headed person behind gave a big long HONK overtake and immediately cut in to scare you. Calvin would zap to puncture the tires and force him to stop by the road side, and then give him a big grin of ‘padan muka’ face.

You do that to get the tensions out of your chest and not hurting anybody.

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