Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Star - Here & There

Govt has no choice but to fix roof immediately, says Najib

Najib is’nt sure whether to charge the Government or the Parliment for the maintainants.

Just use the Parliment’s budget, not enough ask from the Government. Its simple as ABC, why make a fuss.

Ninety and going strong

Thanks Mr Lim Kin Tuck for the tips given for life longitivity. However we Muslims not only we do’a from Allah to live longer, but also meaningful life. The longer you stay the more rigorous you should obey and prey to Allah. Or else its meaningless.

At the same time WHO reported that a boy in the mountainous enclave of San Marino in north – east of Italy will likely live to 80. Mr Lim had already proven Malaysian bolih.WHO agrees with Lim that diet is often given as a major factor in life expectancy.

Prosper thy neighbor

Lets imagine ( Niamah!! fond of doing ) by looking at the picture of AAB & LHL choosing the durians. AAB picking bigger funny looking durian, while LHL taking a well rounded & cute looking one. Look at their faces, LHL is saying ‘this is good lets open it up’ but AAB think otherwise, ‘ yang ni berulat ke tak?’. Niamah!!

Recognise and reward contributions by nurses

Nurses are getting fed up. A lot of perks are given to chegus, what about nurses. You think we are not important ah? Why not give to RM to Dana Yayasan Jururawat also? Haiyo, not fair la.

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