Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stargazer 4

This morning while enjoying lontong for breakfast, I flip through Star Biz. Usually I do not read this section because it breaks my heart seeing people making tons of money, while I depend on pension.

RM530mil in doubt’ reads the headline and below it ‘Transmile revenue may have been overstated, special audit finds’. It caught my curiosity and proceeds reading it.

Transmile Group Bhd’s revenues for the financial years ended Dec 31,2005 and 2006 may have been overstated by a total RM530mil, according to preliminary findings of a special audit on the group’s annual audited account. The company is partly owned by Malaysia’s richest man – Tan Sri Robert Kuok.

Page B4 then read: ‘Punish those who manipulate accounts’, well commented B.K.Sidhu.

As Prophet s.a.w had said if God give a mountain of gold to a man, he always want more.

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