Tuesday, May 29, 2007

MP's & IQ's

I remember many years ago, my wife insisted me to attend the Parent & Teachers Association Annual General Meeting where my son & daughter were schooling.

It was my first glimpsed of the teachers and parents. We were handed the annual report at the start of the meeting . Then I came across some anomaly in the expenditure statement, sure enough during the meeting I brought the matter up to the embarrassment of the committee. You know what, because of that I was penalized by being elected the chairman for the next calendar year. The parent sitting next to me told me to shut up and just listen if you do not want to be burdened. I voted him into the committee.

I wanted to relate that incidence to the system in which Malaysian, especially the Malays, traditionally adopt in choosing their leaders. Majority thought that a person who ask many questions and talk too much is the brainy ones. Some, of course use similar tactics to be elected. In UMNO, at least at the grassroots level, usually they resort to such strategies. Nowadays they strengthen it by ‘icing on the cake’ for those who can afford. Those who become leaders are not necessarily the brainy ones.

This is what happen to some of our MP's, they utter things that will make them popular and remembered by others. The case in point are the MP’s for BN – Kinabatangan and BN-Jasin. Initially they meant it to be a joke, just for a laugh. Somehow it was blown out of proportion, media pick it up and it becomes an issue. Whereas Permatang Berangan and Sungai Dua assemblymen said some things that make sense but then they have no evident to support their statement.

Usually PM don’t want MP’s to be smart either. Look what happen to Saudara Anwar Ibrahim. Our current PM is smart, pretended to be ‘I know not’, now he becomes PM he forgot that he knows a lot. He don’t mind having dumb MP’s around and purposely let Khairi becomes his commando to his advantages. That’s politic, smart asses like us can just observe them taking the big chunks of cakes from us. It pays to be dumb in politic.

With regard to women wearing tudung, I would like to give my opinion about it.

I am sure Mr Wong Chun Wai if you have a teenage daughter asking your permission for outing with friends, the first thing that concerned you is her dresses. Even if no comment is made, deep in your heart you wish she would be decently dressed. Why? You do not want her to attract too much attention from her boyfriends.

Thus dressing is one of the factor contributing to the unwanted incidences happening to women. You don’t have to be sarcastic to PAS Government, I’m a staunch UMNO member, we obey our Islamic prohibitions.

To Tan Cheng Liang (BN-Jawi) I would like to quote what God had said:

O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their jalabib over their bodies. That will be better that they should be known so as not to be annoyed.

Jalabib is the attire worn by the Arab women, similar objective for wearing tudung. God referred all women, and if some disobeyed, it will jeopardized the safety of the women in general. In other word God said women are responsible for the safety of all women and therefore they should protect their aurat. If there are women with sexy looking dresses around in the public, they are a thread to other women, because they had aroused the animal instinct of men who can’t control their desires. The benefit and objective of tudung and covering the aurat would then be futile.

Prophet Mohamad s.a.w clearly mentioned that women are men main desires beside children and wealth.

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